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Zumba Shoes: Ultimate Dance Shoe

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Zumba Shoes Ryka Studio Flex Low

Zumba Dance Shoes by Ryka

Note: The Ryka Studio Flex is also available in “BLACK with STEEL GREY

After extensive research, we’ve found the highly rated Zumba shoes we’ve been looking for.  The Ryka “Studio Flex Low” is a very light fitness shoe with lots of cushioning recommended by many instructors.  Using a low profile design, they’ve created outstanding footwear for dance fitness routines and aerobic classes.  The importance of finding the right brand and style for your feet is extremely important.  Please don’t order the first pair of running shoes you find and expect them to perform well.  They won’t.

Breaking News – NY Times says the ASICS Gel Naomi 2 may be the perfect pair of Zumba Shoes.

We have not confirmed this yet, but early reports suggest that these zumba dance shoes by ASICS could be a very strong contender for our next Zumba trainer shoes.  ASICS is an excellent brand and they’ve built in a pivot point in the sole of the Gel Naomi 2 training shoe.  This should be a huge benefit for us Zumba dancers.

Asics Gel Enthrall Zumba Footwear

Here’s a shoe from ASICS (above) with lots of positive features.  Extra support and cushioning in the heel should help those with ankle and knee problems.  Every week brings more favorable reports about this shoe.  Even instructors have noticed that the built in pivot point is excellent for smoother turns.  Take a look.  Zap the pain.

Zumba Shoes Find Traction with the Ryka “Transition”

Update:  The Ryka “TRANSITION” is another pair of  Zumba shoes that is gaining attention as a very good, lightweight studio shoe.  Many women have given it high ratings, but we need to see more wear testing first.  We also intend to review a top training shoe from Nike.  The Nike Musique has considerable support and cushion, designed with a low profile and could possibly make our list of top shoes for zumba.  More on this athletic shoe later.

>> What’s New <<  Many readers want to know if we still recommend the zumba shoes we first reported on.  The short answer is yes!  The long term reports indicate that the shoes mentioned at the top of this page continue to rank very high on the list of most zumba dancers.

Most athletic trainers can’t deliver the same superior performance you’ll get from the Ryka Zumba dance shoes.  One major problem with other styles of footwear is their sticky soles.  The bottom surface must allow your feet to easily slide across the floor while providing stability as you move laterally.  The Studio Flex has great support and extra room inside the toe box.  This means your foot won’t become numb after an hour of exercise class.  And no blisters on your toes as you move across the floor dancing to your favorite Latin music.  You’ll enjoy your cardio workout much more this way.  The bigger toe box really makes a difference.  For example, we also like the Nike “Zoom Sister One”, but it has a narrow design that’s too small in the front toe area which is just one reason why we prefer the “Flex Low”.  You might want to wear a thicker sock also.

And some women actually remove the Ryka insert and replace it with one of their favorites, such as Dr. Scholl’s sport gel insert.  Either way, you’ll love the fit because the Ryka shoe brand has crafted their footwear with special measurements to specifically fit a woman’s foot.  You get a double benefit here because you’re able to wear a shoe made with lightweight materials and a pivot point designed sole.  Not even Nike or Bloch targets the specific shape of a woman’s foot the way Ryka does.  It’s a perfect example of zumba shoes that will help improve your dance fitness workout.

This brand is simply fantastic for most indoor gym fitness programs such as Zumba dance classes.  Wide sizes are available up to size 11.  Color combinations offered in black, white, blue, silver and pink look great with your favorite cargo pants.  Whether it’s for Jazzercise, aerobics or an exciting Latin fusion dance class, Zumba shoes from Ryka are a top choice.  Both men and women will find it easier to perform jumps, quick turns and side to side movements.  And you’ll be able to dance with more comfort and no heel slippage in this secure, stable footwear.  Also, don’t forget to check out these promising zumba shoes from ASCIS Gel Naomi 2 that we mentioned above.